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Условия за ползване

Our site does not borrow money personally, but only helps you to choose the most suitable lender that can issue a personal loan for you. In this regard, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the terms of use of our resource:

1. We provide our services free of charge. Since the site is an agent between the User and the lender, the User will return interest on the loan only to the lender. Also, as the service is free to use, the operation of the Site does not fall under the Consumer Protection Law.

2. The resource is not responsible for the agreements the User enters with third parties.

3. We store the information you provided in full confidentiality in our database. We are entitled to use your data to contact you. Also, we have the right to transfer the data specified in the User's application to the lender so that you can receive the necessary funds. Moreover, we reserve the right to use your information in the course of marketing research in an impersonal form. For more information regarding the terms of privacy, please check the corresponding site section.

4. The User should not violate the current legislation regarding our site and its services, namely:

  • the user has no right to disseminate deliberately false information violating the Law, as well as insulting the honor and dignity of others, containing hate propaganda, discriminatory appeals, slander and negative criticism of third parties or companies;
  • the user is prohibited from publishing and distributing addresses, contact details without the permission of its owners, as well as representing third parties;
  • the user has no right to inflict moral harm to minors, to encroach on their rights and freedoms;
  • the user should not use our service to carry out criminal, fraudulent and other unlawful acts against third parties or organizations;
  • the user is not allowed to introduce and distribute malicious programs and viruses that are capable of disrupting the operation of our service, harm the database or the telecommunications system;
  • the user does not have the right to publish serial numbers and codes for hacking commercial programs or other Internet resources, as well as links to sites that contain such malicious information.

5. The information on the site is intellectual property and is protected by the Copyright Law, as well as other local and international legislation. In this regard, the user agrees not to use the content published on the site to obtain his benefit and illegal activities.

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